The Tiberius Show EP 68 David Taylor

Clothing Designer David Taylor comes on the show today and talks with Tiberius about video games, clothing, radio shows, and how to step up to go after what you want in life. They talk about leadership in business and some very cool math.

The Tiberius Show EP 67 Jebyel Texidor

Special guest Jebdyel Texidor comes on the show to talk about acting while being an eighth grader that is also a child actor. They talk about video games, books, and even how math is used on stage during a performance.

The Tiberius Show EP 66 Jennifer Stinnett

Special Guest Jennifer Stinnett joins Tiberius to discuss how to increase your influence on social media and get more followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They talk about a video game, do some math about percentages and talk about this thing called My Space.

The Tiberius Show EP 65 Erin Panzella

This weeks special guest is Erin Panzella from Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children!! She talks about being a Child Life Specialist and how she used the Starlight Experience for children to make certain procedures much easier to work with.
The Tiberius Show

The Tiberius Show EP 64 Tom Ross

Tom Ross is our special guest today talking about life and what it is like to be a lawyer!! Last episode we had Casey a teacher at Lighthouse. Well Tom was one of his students. This is a great way to no only understand all that Lighthouse Central Florida does, but to learn all about the law and how life changes around us.
The Tiberius Show

The Tiberius Show EP 63 Casey Mathews

Casey Mathews is the Access Technology Specialist for Lighthouse Central Florida. He teachers Tiberius all about the differences in living in the world while being blind. he answers anything and everything that Tiberius came up with to asking. So if you ever wanted to know what what it is like to be blind this is the show for you. Do blind people play video games? Do they read books?

The Tiberius Show EP 62 SWAMI

SWAMI is back for more and this time talking all about maker spaces. Tiberius learns all about the different workshops at maker spaces and why they are so popular. After a visit to FACTUR, Tiberius learns alot about 3-D Printing!!

The Tiberius Show EP 61 Hanit Benbassat

Tiberius interviews Hanit Benbassat which works with adults and children as a Life Coach and Qigong teacher. They discuss video games and her new book, Jake’s Quest for the Five Stones. They go over the skills of Leadership and how she got started in writing a book.

The Tiberius Show EP 60 Mark Pellegrini

Special Guest Mark Pellegrini built and manages super computers for NOAA. Not only does he have an amazing job but he also loves board games. This week we learn about all sorts of types of board games. We also learn a whole lot about squirrels.

The Tiberius Show EP 59 Don Roper

Don Roper, COO of the Orlando Seawovles comes down to visit Tiberius and discuss the upcoming season of the Orlando based indoor soccer team. Covering subjects of new players joining the team and amazing events planed for the Seawolves along with some video games and books.