The Tiberius Show EP 130 Paul Shoquist

Ever want to know what it takes to be a stock broker? How about what to do to get started with investing. Well then Paul Shoquist is the guest you have been waiting for. Learn all about stocks and how to pick them. Also learn about custom countertops and starting your own business.

The Tiberius Show EP 129 Alexxia Steele

Talent Scout and vocal entertainer Alexxia Steele also owns a magazine and interviews hundreds of rock stars. Working in the industry since she was five years old she is very knowledgeable with everything in the entertainment industry. Learn about how to be a rock star on the next The Tiberius Show!!

The Tiberius Show EP 128 Mrs Lilith

When you enter the wrestling ring how does it make you feel? Ever wanted to be a wrestler? Well Mrs. Lilith gets to do it every day. Along with being a manager, wrestling announcer and a referee she still has time to do her vocation of being a domestic engineer!! Learn about these amazing jobs this week!!

The Tiberius Show EP 127 Larry Haber

What is intellectual property? Is it important. Entertainment lawyer Larry Haber tells us all about what it is like to own your creation. This along with a book review about the last kids on earth and a video game about bitcoin mining, will make this a show to listen to this week.

The Tiberius Show EP 126 Shy Flowers

What does it take to be a probation officer? What does a probation officer do? Is it an easy or hard job? Learn those questions and so much more this week with special guest Shy Flowers. She has been in the industry for years and works with youth only. All that and the video game of the week!!!

The Tiberius Show EP 125 Peter Gallo

An Investigator for the United Nations, a lawyer, bank advisor, and a professional nuisance is how Peter Gallo describes himself. This is sure to be a lot of fun learning about all these jobs and which one is the most fun. Talking about living all over the world and the best and worst parts about doing your passion.

The Tiberius Show EP 124 Jason Belmonte

The best bowler in the WORLD visits to talk about the job of being a professional two handed bowler. With a video game review of Bowling OH and a cool book review, they get into the meat of why bowling is a great professional and what it hard about doing your passion when you live over seas.

The Tiberius Show EP 123 Ella Johnson

Ella Johnson is a Television Talk show host, author, and CEO of an international company. She explains about how her business runs and what is the best part about making your passion your vocation. In addition to the video game of the week and a cool book review, they even talk about the Order of Operations when it comes to mathematics. Ella also explains why integrity is the most import virtue of LION Strong.

The Tiberius Show EP 122 Diana Spain

Diana Spain works at a book store and an adult day care center. Learn how two completely different vocations can actually really be close together and compliment each other. What is an adult day care center? Why do adults need one? This and so much more coming up on The Tiberius Show.

The Tiberius Show EP 121 Curtis McKinnon

Curtis is emcee, writer, host, poetry slam winner, independent artist and just released a new song!! You gotta listen to this amazing interview and the book review and video game of the week.