The Tiberius Show EP 152 Ali Khan

Where is Pakistan and what is it like to live there. Meet Ali Khan a broadcaster in Pakistan that has his own podcast called the A.K. Show. He talks about civil issues and wants to be a politician when he grows up. Learn about LION Strong and how to be a positive person this week.

The Tiberius Show EP 151 Jazyn Rosario

What does a Pre-suit case manager do? Does she have to wear a suit? What is litigation? Is the law more fun than what they show on TV!! All these questions and so much more will be answered by the Jazlyn Rosario case manager for one of the BIG guys!! You know billboards!! This is going to be a fun interview.

The Tiberius Show EP 150 Kenja

What does a RAP artist do?? How does a RAP artist make beats? What are beats? Does anyone get hurt? These questions and so much more are answered by RAP artist Kenja who remotes in from New Castle England!!!! He is featured on Raven Radio one of the stations that airs The Tiberius Show.

The Tiberius Show EP 149 Jeff Ramsey

What is construction? Why do people want to build things? How do you plan how much material is needed for a particular job? What does an estimator really do? These questions and so much more are answered by special guest Jeff Ramsey. A estimator and owner of a construction company, Jeff tells all about this amazing field of building stuff.

The Tiberius Show EP 148 Rosalyn Kahn

What does it take to get on the TEDx stage. Well our next guest Rosalyn Kahn is an expert speaker that shows people how to do just that!!! An author of a number of books Rosalyn talks about all the different aspects of being a professional speaker and getting your message out. Helping with Math, the book and video game reviews and really taking a look at LION strong. Rosalyn loves working with young people to help them grow into professionals in their adulthood.

The Tiberius Show EP 147 Juna n Joey

Rising Country Music Stars Juna n Joey visit The Tiberius Show to talk about what it is like to be in the Country Music business. What are the cool parts, the bad parts, and the crazy parts. Why would a kids want to get into country music and how do you turn it into a business. All this along with a book review, video game, and Math corners!!

The Tiberius Show EP 146 Dennis Mallen

What does it take to be a star in the movie industry? Do you still get nervous when you get on set? What is the hardest part about being an actor? All this and so much more was asked by actor/movie star Dennis Mallen and boy did he deliver. Learn all about this amazing industry!!!

The Tiberius Show EP 145 Kenny Wilkerson

The Tiberius Show EP 145 Kenny Wilkerson

The Tiberius Show EP 144 George Markward

When Dine In, Drives, in, and Dives decided to do a show about George Markward, it grow his business to amazing levels. He makes Pastrami and runs a food truck called the Pastrami Project. Learn all about this cool job as well as LION Strong!!!

The Tiberius Show EP 143 Benton Crane

Are ready to learn how to make viral videos from the best in the WORLD!!! Mr. Benton Crane from the Harmon Brothers talks about running one of the most successful businesses that does just that.