The Tiberius Show EP 98 Scott Fensterer

What can you say about the amazing Scott Fensterer. From sculpting to makeup to production work this guy has done it all. Tiberius learns about so many things and even gets a small boo boo in the process. Learn life lessons and all about this amazing artist!! Oh and there is a video game about crushing cars and a book about zombies and a discussion about leadership.

The Tiberius Show EP 97 Deb Woodrow

Deb Woodrow visits the show and talks about massage and scientific notation as well as the virtue of obedience. She reviews a book with Tiberius about Pronghorns as well as a video game about words that blow up!! Also Tiberius gets his first massage!!!

The Tiberius Show EP 96 Mayra Uribe

This week we have Commissioner Mayra Uribe on The Tiberius Show to talk about government and being a commissioner, a cool book about a mouse, and a video game about making money, as well as some math and a conversation about having leadership skills in your life. If you want to learn about what government does, this is the show for you.

The Tiberius Show EP 95 Andy Tolbert

Andy Tolbert does everything from home investing and conceal carry classes to self defense. Oh and she can shoot guns. Whats not to love. We talk about saving money on interest and what is obedience as well as how to build a house and reviewing a book about the rocky mountains.

The Tiberius Show EP 94 Carol McCarthy

An Equestrian Professional instructor by day and business owner by night Carol McCarty is a very interesting guest. Talking about Leadership qualities and using fractions in order to feed horse, this is going to be an informative episode. Video Game is horse riding simulator and the book is from the Jigsaw Jones collection.

The Tiberius Show EP 93 AlejSol

New Author AlejSol is back on The Tiberius Show to talk about his new book and ways to save the planet. They discuss wind and tidal wave power as well as ways to reduce, and recycle. Tiberius reviews a video game about planets, as well as a book about minecraft that will be released in two weeks.

The Tiberius Show EP 92 David Krepcho

Dave Krepcho manage the critical needs of Central Florida through the Second Harvest Food bank. If you have no idea what a food bank does, this is going to really surprise you. Discussing the math of food services as well as a video game about serving food and the virtue of Nobility, this is really a great show to represent our current events and timing.

The Tiberius Show EP 91 Daniel Bolan

Daniel Bolan releases his first book and talks about his new foundation to assist Student Veterans. Tiberius reviews a zombie story game and a book about Geronimo Stilton, and finally they discuss Euler’s Formula and the what it is like to live with leadership.

The Tiberius Show EP 90 Glen Allgood

Glen Allgood the amazing operations director of WOKB 1680 here in Central Florida visits Tiberius and they discuss everything you ever wanted to know about running a radio station. They also review a video game about zombies and discuss the SpaceX launch and how there are more that one measurement of a mile. They even take time to discuss how to have more nobility in your life.

The Tiberius Show EP 89 Yesenia Sanchez

Yesenia is a financial expert and teaches people about financial literacy. You would be surprised how many people never learn important things about how to use your money. They go over compound interest, making a savings, and knowing when to spend your money.