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The Tiberius Show EP 248 Aliasghar Jagani

What exactly is an optometrist? When should a kid see an eye doctor? Why is it important to check your eyes one a year, is it just a way to get my parents to spend more money? What is the difference between opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists? Can you really stop our vision form getting worse? […]

The Tiberius Show EP 247 Riley Van Dyke

Is running a construction company fun? Do you get to play with alot of power tools? Does it require you to do alot of physical work? What kind of buildings do you make? Do you design the buildings or do you have to follow a blueprint? What is the most misunderstood part about construction? What […]

The Tiberius Show EP 246 Tom Knapp

How does one become an axe thrower. How do you get paid for it? Does it make good money? Can you get hurt? Can anyone become a Professional World Championship Competitor? Do you still have all your fingers and toes? What is the most misunderstood part about your job? Do your students try to challenge […]

The Tiberius Show EP 245 Eric Zulley

What is a TV Network? How does someone decide to start one? What does IMDB accredited mean, and why is it important? Now it says on your website that provide access to the stars, content creators and entrepreneurs. Are we talking like MAJOR stars? How to you help content creators get a larger following? Is […]

The Tiberius Show EP 244 Mary Crimmins

What does a project manager do? What are the best reasons that a client may need to hire a project manager for their next project? I can talk and write, does that make me a commucations expert as well? As an expert in research and writing, am I able to hire you to do my […]

The Tiberius Show EP 243 Mike Wallace

What is a brew master? What is beer and why do adults drink it? When did you know you wanted to do this for a living? Are there any rules about what you can put in a beer. if beer is dangerous for kids, why is not dangerous for adults? Is non-alcoholic beer ok for […]

The Tiberius Show EP 242 Randal Branham

What is a film composer? Are we talking two hour movies or short films? How much do you get to create what you want, versus having to compose based on what the client wants? Do you get to see the video before you make the music? What advise would you give my listeners if they […]

The Tiberius Show EP 241 Jason Balne

Why did you become a chemistry teacher? Do you get to blow stuff up? How is teaching older kids different? Is the math harder than other science subjects? Do you think remote learning is better than being in a classroom. All these questions and so much more will be answered by Seminole County Chemistry Teacher […]

The Tiberius Show EP 240 Brian Sipe

What is a specialty Makeup Artist? Did you really work on Guardians of the Galaxy and The mandalorian? Who is that one celebrity that you would like to work on? You won an emmy award, can I see it? How did you get it? What is the difference between prosthetic and non-prosthetic makeup? All these […]

The Tiberius Show EP 239 Izzy Vaden

Why do people get into professional wrestling? Does it hurt? What is the most misunderstood part about your job? Do you have a day job? Where do you get all those crazy outfits? Do fans try to challenge you? What is the one fight that you will never forget? All these questions and so much […]