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The Tiberius Show EP 220 Blanca Perper

What is a digital marketing expert? What are the LAWS of Life, how did you become a YouTube Creator? Why do people need to hire a digital marketer? How does social media make the world a better place? What is the greatest challenge that most digital marketing experts are dealing with today? All these questions […]

The Tiberius Show EP 219 Mitchell Levy

What is a Global Creditibility expert and why do people need to hire one? Why did you get interested in credibility? What is credibility and why does it matter? What is a ghostwriter? Do you get to scare people? Why do people hire a ghostwriter instead of writing stuff for themselves? All these questions and […]

The Tiberius Show EP 218 Vince Spinnato

What does a cosmetic chemist do? How do you know how to work with your nose? Do you make perfumes for famous people? Why did you have to get your nose Certified and what does that mean? All these questions and so much more will be answered by Vince Spinnato. Vince is a Cosmetic Chemist […]

The Tiberius Show EP 217 Ted Slauson

What is a Mathematics Assessment Specialist? Did you really get a perfect score on the Price is Right? How did you memorize all the prices on the show? Did you really get a kiss from the prettiest girl on the show? How do you get ideas to make up the questions for the FCAT or […]

The Tiberius Show EP 216 Shiraz

What is energetic magic? Can you show me an energy ball? What does a Reality Shifting Specialist do? What can it do for someone like me? Does it really work? What is the coolest thing that you got to fix by using reality shifting? All these questions and so much more will be answered by […]

The Tiberius Show EP 215 Paul Louis Lessard

What does it take to be a Broadway performer? How many hours a day do you have to practice? What kind of work do you have to do backstage when you are not in front of all the people? Is there really a big difference between Broadway and other stages? What was the once performance […]

The Tiberius Show EP 214 Brian Coleman

What is a trial consultant? Does it really make the difference between a win and someone going to jail? Why do lawyers need someone to help them out? Do you have to stay in the courtroom all the time during the trial? Does the lawyers really get to scream and yell like they do on […]

The Tiberius Show EP 213 Aaron Leung

What is a virtual and holographic expert? What exactly is a holographic and virtual environment? Why do fortune 500 companies need virtual worlds? Does it cost a lot, or could I be a hologram? How are these virtual and holographic environments used in the everyday world? All these questions and so much more will be […]

The Tiberius Show EP 212 Doug Setter

What is a United Nations peacekeeper? Do you have to be in the military to be able to be a peacekeeper? Does it take a lot of formal training? What type of tasks do peacekeepers have to do each day? What is the greatest challenge most peacekeepers are dealing with today? All these questions and […]

The Tiberius Show EP 211 Rachel Seavey

What is a hoarder? How is Chronic Disorganization different from just having a messy room? Is working with hoarders a good business to be in? Do you pick what stays or does the person have to be there with you? It is like what we see on TV? What can I do to be more […]