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The Tiberius Show EP 161 Steven Amos

What is a wish vacation? How do critically ill children get to get away from it all? What kind of things do they do? What is the most challenging part of doing your job? These questions and so much more this week with Steven Amos from Give Kids the World which provides wish vacations to […]

The Tiberius Show EP 160 Haley Maynard

What does a Fitness Trainer do? Why don’t people just go to PE? What kind of training do you need to be a Personal Trainer? These questions and so much more are answered by Haley Maynard from Tennessee!! During COVID she changed jobs and now is working as an actress and producers. How does that […]

The Tiberius Show EP 159 Ramces Rouzard

What is an Emcee? How does someone get into the film industry? Well Ramces Rouzard is just the guy to answer these questions and so much more. Ramces is a TV Host, Director, Producer and an Emcee!!!! He even has a show that airs on PBS!!! The Reflection Show. If you want to learn about […]

The Tiberius Show EP 158 GW Tolley

TV Host, Self Publishing author, and hear impaired advocate GW Tolley visits the show and talks about all the jobs that he does. How does someone juggle all those jobs? Does anything every get mixed up? What is the best part about doing so many things? All those and more will be answered today on […]

The Tiberius Show EP 157 Joe Burridge

What does a DJ do? Is it a fun job to make a crowd go wild? How does equipment do you need to get started? Do you need a lot of training just to play music? Well Joe Burridge from Birmingham UK will explain all about this amazing industry and his work as DJ JLB!!! […]

The Tiberius Show EP 156 Emily Hanna

How do you safely cross the street. It may seem simple but many people get hit by cars when crossing the street. Emily Hanna is the executive director of Bike/Walk Central Florida which works on making sure the public knows how to increase the safety of people crossing the street or riding their bikes.

The Tiberius Show EP 155 Ted Bogert

Ted Bogert started a community called Ted’s Community which raised awareness to all sorts of non-profits and people he cared about. He took that idea and moved it to a Facebook LIVE hit show. This week Tiberius gets to learn all about broadcasting LIVE, the good the bad the crazy!! Also they get to review […]

The Tiberius Show EP 154 Angela and Valencia

Twin entertainment icons Angela and Valencia join the show to talk about getting in the entertainment industry and representing the word of God in your work. Reviewing a theme park video game as well a book about dogs and roses. This is sure to be a delightful interview with lots to talk about.

The Tiberius Show EP 153 Rey Ybarra

What is a media-preneur? How does one get in close interviews with the people from Shark Tank? What business gems can you learn from hundreds of interviews with top business people? Well Ray Ybarra is just the guy to ask these questions. media expert, Rey hosts numerous trade shows and expos featuring the contestants from […]

The Tiberius Show EP 152 Ali Khan

Where is Pakistan and what is it like to live there. Meet Ali Khan a broadcaster in Pakistan that has his own podcast called the A.K. Show. He talks about civil issues and wants to be a politician when he grows up. Learn about LION Strong and how to be a positive person this week.