The Tiberius Show EP 45 Judith Segall

Judith Segall is an artist and lover of life. She talks with Tiberius about Leadership skills, making multi-media art and an awesome book about getting married. In Math Corners they discuss how to do multiplication with large numbers and a single digit. They also talk about a video game where you slap a noob all over the place. Sure to be a blast.

The Tiberius Show EP 44 Kenny Wilkerson

Rock and Roller Kenny Wilkerson joins Tiberius for his Anniversary show!! Kenny is a musician with Nova Rex, a top eighties rock band featured in a number of documentaries and programs on Netflix and the like. They discuss the video game on Roblox called “Work at a Pizza Place” and riveting book: “Mildred and Sam and Their Babies”. They spend alot of time talking about Tiberius’ favorite number as well as bowling and how to use obedience in your life even if you are a rock star!!

The Tiberius Show EP 43 Al Spry

Tiberius has an awesome guest. Radio personality Al Spry. Together they talk about Wild Revolvers, a video game set in the wild west and “The High and the Flighty which is a book where kids can go back and time to study history. They discuss comparing fractions and how to best use Leadership in your life. Al talks about his work with Shriners and what it is like to be the Rookie of the Year!!!

The Tiberius Show EP 42 Michael Snure

This week Tiberius talks with special guest Mike Snure. They discuss the new video game Kingdom New lands, the book Magical Monty, the math skill of graphing lines, and the virtue of Integrity. They talk about what is a criminal defense attorney and why would you need one. What is the best way to interact with the police and why is this vocation a good one for the future.

The Tiberius Show EP 41 Jennifer Quigley

Jennifer Quigley is the Manager at one of our sponsors, Oak Ridge Gun Range. Together Tiberius and Jennifer talk about the video game Satisfactory and the book Amazing Monty. They talk about patterns in math and obedience. They discuss firearms and following the rules to be safe when using a firearm.

The Tiberius Show EP 40 Winston Taylor

Mr. Taylor from Victory Martial Arts talks with Tiberius about the new roblox video game Survivor and a cool book called Mostly Monty. They also talk about the virtue of Leadership and how to graph a point on a grid. They discuss Mr. Taylor’s passion for martial arts and how it has transformed the lives of so many kids that have used it to build character.

The Tiberius Show EP 39 Tatiana Sidorova

This week Tiberius talks with Tatiana who holds the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World 2016 and Ms. Florida 2017. They talk about a cell phone game called Merge Gems and a book called Mighty Monty. They discuss the benefits of rounding numbers and being noble. They talk about her career as a Pageant winner as well as a brand ambassador and Mother.

The Tiberius Show EP 38 Coach Oz Martin

The Tiberius Show EP 38 Coach Oz Martin

Coach Oz from the Christ School talks with Tiberius about World of Goo from the EPIC platform, and reviews the book Amelia Bedelia Sleeps Over. They talk about how to read TIME and how to use Leadership in your life. They talk about Coach Oz’s career and his passion for working with kids and using basketball to teach character lessons.

The Tiberius Show EP 37 Barbara West

The Tiberius Show EP 37 Barbara West

Barbara West former reporter from WFTV Channel 9 talks about what it takes to become a reporter and Tiberius discusses the video game Transistor, and the book Food Truck Fiasco, as well as the principles of find perimeter and the Nobility of being a reporter like Dan Rather and Barbara West.

The Tiberius Show Episode 36 Linda Zajac

The Tiberius Show Episode 36 Linda Zajac

Linda Zajac is an author of books about Minecraft. Tiberius talks about the game Adventure Simulator as well as Minecraft and how Linda got started. They chat about goals and advice for becoming a writer. They also talk about having integrity and how to solve math problems backwards.