The Tiberius Show EP 167 Jared Pietras

Have you ever wanted to be in the Air Force!! Well the combat controller is an amazing job where you get to jump out of airplanes and even blow stuff up!! You have to be very physically fit as well as learn to obey the orders of your commanders. This is a hard but fulfilling job. We are going to talk with Jared Pietras who will tell us all about this amazing career and why people want to do it. He even has a podcast showing people how they can train to be able to do this job.

The Tiberius Show EP 166 Phil Anderson

What does a Mayor do all day? Do they get to sit around the office and sign stuff? How do they pass new laws? What is the hardest part about being in public office? What do you do with all the taxes the people pay? Well today the Mayor of Winter Park Florida, Phil Anderson answers all these questions and SOOOO much more. Learn about the largest vacuum ever that can suck up anything!!!! See what other things mayors get to do……

The Tiberius Show EP 165 David Weinberger

What does a Business intelligence Analyst do? Does the company you work for really use the info you collect? Do you get to see the changes made from the data you gather? How does working for a large firm like Indeed make the world a better place? All these questions and so much more will be answered this week by special guest David Weinberger from Indeed!!! Learn all about this amazing and interesting career as David talks about his work as a business intelligence analyst!!

The Tiberius Show EP 164 Suzanne Lynn

Suzanne Lynn is a radio personality that runs a business that handles book promotion. How does one get into the book promotion business? Why do books need to be promoted? How do you make people learn about and read more books? And what does book promotion have anything to do with flying drone? All these questions and so much more will be answered with Suzanne.

The Tiberius Show EP 163 Joe Lampp

What does a professional axe thrower do? How big of an axe do you throw? How does one throw an axe? Do you ever worry about chopping off a finger or toe? All these questions and so much more are answered by our expert axe thrower Joe Lampp. Learn about integrity and exponents as well as the video game of the week.

The Tiberius Show EP 162 Krystral Parker

What is a Christian Chamber of Commerce and how is that different from a normal Chamber of Commerce? Why do you think this job is important? What is the craziest thing that has happened what you are at work? Why do companies need a consultant? All these are so much more are answered by Krystal Parker from the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce!!! Plus the Video game of the week!!!!

The Tiberius Show EP 161 Steven Amos

What is a wish vacation? How do critically ill children get to get away from it all? What kind of things do they do? What is the most challenging part of doing your job? These questions and so much more this week with Steven Amos from Give Kids the World which provides wish vacations to critically ill children through wish organizations.

The Tiberius Show EP 160 Haley Maynard

What does a Fitness Trainer do? Why don’t people just go to PE? What kind of training do you need to be a Personal Trainer? These questions and so much more are answered by Haley Maynard from Tennessee!! During COVID she changed jobs and now is working as an actress and producers. How does that work?

The Tiberius Show EP 159 Ramces Rouzard

What is an Emcee? How does someone get into the film industry? Well Ramces Rouzard is just the guy to answer these questions and so much more. Ramces is a TV Host, Director, Producer and an Emcee!!!! He even has a show that airs on PBS!!! The Reflection Show. If you want to learn about all about the film industry and being on TV this is the show for you.

The Tiberius Show EP 158 GW Tolley

TV Host, Self Publishing author, and hear impaired advocate GW Tolley visits the show and talks about all the jobs that he does. How does someone juggle all those jobs? Does anything every get mixed up? What is the best part about doing so many things? All those and more will be answered today on The Tiberius Show!!!