The Tiberius Show EP 85 Nspiration Lee

Singer Songwriter Nspiration Lee comes on the show to talk about music, poetry and living your passion. She even surprises Tiberius with a live version of one of her songs.

The Tiberius Show EP 84 Terry Olson

Chief Arts Instigator at the Office of Arts and Cultural for Orange County, Terry Olson joins the show with nobility, similar objects, and all you ever wanted to know about the arts community in Orlando. How is money raised, what it goes for, and why it is important to the community.

The Tiberius Show EP 83 Ara Maysonet

Real Estate Professional Ara Maysonet joins the show and reviews an interesting video game, reviews a cool book about Alaska, and discusses how integrity is so important in your daily lives. Talking about living in Puerto Rico and how her business has changed over the years. Ara explains why people sell property and why it is important to have someone that knows what they are doing.

The Tiberius Show EP 82 Connor Boyack

This is going to be an awesome remote zoom show!!! Connor Boyack is the guest from Libertas Institute. Connor is the author of The Tuttle Twins book series that teaches about government and economics to children. They talk about all the elements involved in making a single item. They review his book and talk about Integrity.