The Tiberius Show EP 56 Lil Jimmy

Lil Jimmy and Tiberius discuss his awesome Book Lil Jimmy I was being Told. This book is a positive approach to the continued negative content feed to our children. Lil Jimmy talks about his rap career and how to stay positive when writing creative content for young people to hear. They talk about integrity and how to turn a decimal number into a mixed number fraction.
The Tiberius Show

The Tiberius Show EP 55 Sally Cole

Chasing Dreams Equestrian Center sends special guest Sally Cole to talk to Tiberius about being a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and all the good that the center does for the community. They talk about a video game with magnets and book about ponies, and all about the MATH of feeding a horse. Then they get to talk about DEFY Orlando with Extreme Dodge-ball and how to use Leadership skills in your everyday life.

The Tiberius Show EP 54 SWAMI

Mathematician and robot expert Swami joins the show to talk about paper folding. Now first they talk about the amazing new game at Boardwalk Bowl called Hyperdeck and then they review a Amelia Bedelia book. Then they discuss all the cool things you ever wanted to know about paper folding and well Swami just takes over the show. Tiberius gets to learn a few new things about the Fibonacci Sequence and Integrity.

The Tiberius Show EP 53 Sofie Nubani

Special Guest Sofie Nubani is the co-founder of the Laughter Mindset and discusses everything from Super Powers, Time Travel, Meditation, base 10 math blocks, Obedience, and how to laugh through life. This is a fun episode with so much laughing and of coarse the bowling score report.